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20Ā Engaging Activities to HelpĀ Your Kids Get Along

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Tired of all the bickering?

Squash it for good.

Sibling fights can make a mom crazy. When the kids bicker constantly over the DUMBEST little things, we moms just might dream of flying away to someplace tropical where NO CHILDREN ARE ALLOWED.

{And all the frazzled mothers say amen.}

But WHAT IF you could find that kind of peace and harmony at HOME?

You can.

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Inside this exclusive guide, you'll discover:

  • Clever, kid-friendly conversation starters to SWITCH YOUR KIDS' FOCUS onto what they like about each other (instead of what they don't).
  • Super easy, hilarious activities that get your kids WORKING TOGETHER and HAVING FUN without even realizing it.
  • Simple tricks that show your kids there are TONS MORE REASONS to get along than to fight (and everybody wins)!
  • How to really drive home the concept of loving one another LIKE JESUS loves us. What could be better than that?

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Hi, I'm Becky.

I know a thing or two about the mom brain. Kids bicker,Ā mom snaps, rinse and repeat. I wrote a book called The Cranky Mom Fix, for crying out loud, so... frazzled parenting is kind of my thing. And I've dedicated my ministry to figuring out how we can find JOY and BLESSINGS in this God-given family life, even when it's hectic.

Truth is, we don't have to feel stuck in the cycle of squabbles and frustration. This simple download is a quickĀ and easy solutionĀ to rediscovering peace and laughter in your home. I can't wait to share it with you.

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